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Our story

Beginning of Everything

Founded by Mr. Ferdinando Scheffer Metalúrgica Águia Ltda. initially manufactured safes and steel furniture. The production line goes through some adjustments and due to the quality of the service and the creativity of the projects, the company quickly becomes a reference in the cargo storage sector. In 1974 the industry changed its name to Águia Sistemas de Armazenagem.





Formed Águia Group

During the 70’s and 80’s Mr. Ferdinando Scheffer invests in reforestation projects and a painting line to meet the demand of Águia Sistemas. Thus, in 1989 the Division of Águia Química was created and in 1992 Águia Florestal was created. Together the three industries formed the Águia Group. The chemical industry was eventually sold off a few years later.


Investment in Automation

Águia Sistemas begins to invest in Automation through Motorized Conveyors that allow the movement of loads in storage units, which made the company even more competitive.




autoportante transelevador


Águia Sistemas serves customers throughout Brazil and in several Latin American countries. It designs and implements storage and cargo handling systems, separation and consolidation of materials with automation, robotization and software technology, always achieving high-performance results.

Águia Sistemas develops, designs, produces, integrates and implements customized solutions for Automation, Robotization and Software Engineering in the Movement, Storage, Separation and Consolidation of materials, guaranteeing the fulfillment of customer requirements with high performance.

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Our structure

Serving major market players, implementing technologies that ensure efficiency in production processes in storage and cargo handling.