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SoluçãoSelective Racks

The Selective Racks are structures that promote a good use of space and optimal organization of stocks, through easily adaptable structures.

SoluçãoRack Supported Buildings For Forklift Trucks

The Self-supporting for Forklift operation is an effective structure that meets storage and operation needs with high density and selectivity.

SoluçãoRack Supported Bildings With a Stacker Crane

Efficient organization and better use of space, the Self-Supporter with Stacker Elevator is an excellent option for verticalization with high-density loads.

SoluçãoPush Back

The Push Back allows the distribution of products in tunnels, which makes access to the products easier. With the use of trolleys or rollers, the goods pallets are pushed by the forklift through the tunnels to facilitate access to the products.


The pallets are arranged at the ends of the Dynamic System and slide on rollers, with speed controlled by regulators, optimizing the operation.

SoluçãoDrive-in / Drive Through

Drive-in optimizes storage space by allowing pallets to be stored in a row, reducing the number of circulation aisles.

SoluçãoMini Load

Mini Load is an automatic handling and storage system for loads in plastic or cardboard boxes that offers high density and total selectivity.


The Mezzanine is a platform used to optimize spaces in industries, warehouses and warehouses by increasing the useful height, and can have two or more levels.

SoluçãoMini Selective Racks

The Mini Selective Racks is a slim, high performance structure in terms of load capacity, dimensional flexibility and precision.

SoluçãoFlow Rack

The Flow Rack is efficient in manual storage of boxes with the FIFO (First In - First Out) operation in the form of a queue, which helps to organize small volumes.