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Integrated systems

SoluçãoPicking Systems

Picking Systems, which aim to increase productivity and efficiency in moving items, whether fractional or closed.

SoluçãoRobotized Palletizing

The Robotized Palletizing system is implemented to enable the operation via conveyor belts and logic-programmable equipment with gripper.

SoluçãoConference Systems

The integration of movement solutions with Conference Systems, we offer the reduction of prejudices, through precise analysis, based on Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments, Order Conference and Registration in the stock management system, using weighing technologies, readers of codes, counting systems, among others.

SoluçãoPrinting and Labeling Systems

The integration of Conveyors with Automatic Printing and Labeling Systems aims to speed up the identification of boxes, packages and pallets.

SoluçãoGoods to Person

The Goods to Person solution offers products to the operator in an ergonomic way, facilitating the checking, separation of orders, validating the operation.

SoluçãoControl Software

The integration of automated solutions with Logistical Control Software allows the transmission of data related to the movement and storage of items.